High School Hockey – Spring 2021

2021 Spring High School Hockey
  • Open to 8th – 11th grade students.
  • Players who attend a school not represented by a hockey team can still participate.
    • These players will be placed on a combined team.
  • 60 Minute games will be played on Friday evenings.
  • Season will include 10 games.

For more information regarding the 2021 season and to register, contact Cory Keller.


Important Information:
  1. This is a checking league.
  2. All players must be current USA Hockey members.
  3. Team rosters must be submitted to Al Nicoll before game 1 of the season.
  4. Players may only play on one team.
  5. All USA Hockey rules apply to this league.
  6. Fighting will be an automatic 2 game suspension.