Adult Hockey B, C, and D Leagues

TBSA Oldsmar and Clearwater Ice Arena offer varying levels within our in-house adult hockey leagues.  Whether you are fresh out of Novice Leagues or looking to move up to higher tier in-house leagues, this is the place to be!  We accept full teams, partial teams, or individual sign up for our in-house leagues.  if you are an individual player we will be more than happy to assist in finding you a team in your respective league.  Below you will find a brief description of our B, C, and D leagues.

Adult B League: Designed for players who have been playing in leagues for a while.  A step under our A League but no less fun.  A good dose of advanced hockey and competitive play.

Adult C League: Designed for players who are completely comfortable with hockey basics and are working towards more advanced skating, shooting, and stick handling skills in a game setting.

Adult D League: Designed for players ready to start their Hockey League journey.  Even if you are just starting out, this league will give you everything you need to prepare to move to higher tiers.

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