Attend a Trial Learn to Skate Class

Attend a Trial Learn to Skate Class

Try it before you buy it

Check us out by attending a trial class. We offer you the opportunity to attend a trial class on week 1, 2 or 3 of any 10 week or 5 week session of Learn to Skate or Learn to Play Hockey class. The cost to attend a trial class is $32.00,  which includes a 30 minute class, 15 minutes of practice time and rental skates – if needed.  At the conclusion of the trial class, we hope you will decide to remain with us for the current session of Learn to Skate / Learn to Play Hockey classes.   Our Front Desk staff will be happy to apply your $32.00 trial class fee toward the total cost of the current session of skating classes.

Prepare for your TRIAL class

  •  Please call or stop by any one of our three locations to pre register and pay.
  •  On class day, arrive 30 minutes early to check in and prepare for class.
  • Dress warm including:
    • Long pants, long sleeve shirt, 1 pair of long, thin socks, sweatshirt or jacket and gloves or mittens.
      • (The air temperature in the CIA and TBSA-Oldsmar rinks fluctuate according to outside air temps.  Cold or rainy outside = layer your clothing.)
  • Bring a helmet if you prefer
    • Bicycle helmets are acceptable and are recommended for all age

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