Team Events

Team Events

Team Skating

At TBSA/CIA we encourage skating as both an individual and as part of a team. Our team opportunities are fun, challenging and include:

Synchronized Teams –  A popular skating discipline requiring teamwork and the original form of group skating events. Comprised of 8 – 24 skaters, synchronized skating stresses the importance of unison, accuracy of formations and synchronization of the team.  Elements are performed as one unit as opposed to individual soloists and are divided by age and team ability level.

Production Teams – A team event where all ages and levels can participate. Comprised of 8 – 32 skaters, production teams focus on the use of costumes and props to illustrate the program, and while any skating maneuvers can be performed at any level, there is no technical score.

Kaleidoskate Teams – Consisting of 8 or more skaters from all ages and levels, kaleidoskate teams work together to create changing formations and resemble unique visual patterns similar to those seen in a kaleidoscope.

Ensemble Teams – open to teams of 3 – 7 skaters form all levels and ages. This event is similar to a “group spotlight” performance where use of optional costumes and props create an entertaining routine with no required maneuvers and no technical score.

Jump and Spin Teams – In this event music is not required and teams of 4 or more skaters perform a specified selection of jumps and spins. Each member on the team performs one maneuver.

Team Compulsory Teams (Six packs) – a team event with 6 or 7 skaters competing at a specific level, with each skater performs one of the 6 or 7 required maneuvers from that corresponding level. This event is set to music and can also use props to enhance the performance.