Camp Week


Pre-registration Required

Registration will only be accepted at time of payment. Registrations can be completed on-line, by phone, or handed in at the front desk.

Daily Schedule of Activities

  • 8:00-  8:15am         DROP-OFF / SIGN-IN
  • 8:15-   8:45am        ON-ICE CHOREOGRAPHY
  • 8:45-   9:15am        ON-ICE ARTISTRY / SKILLS
  • 9:30-  10:30am       OFF-ICE PROGRAM CHOREOGRAPHY
  • 11:00-12:00pm       PROP CREATION
  • 12:00-12:30pm       LUNCH AND SKATES ON (Lunch is included)
  • 12:30-  1:00pm      PROP CREATION
  •  1:00-   1:30pm       KALEDOSKATE
  •  1:30 –  1:45pm       SKATES ON
  • 1:45 –   2:00pm .     ON-ICE CHOREOGRAPHY
  • 2:00 –   3:00pm .     PUBLIC SESSION
  • 3:00pm .                  PICK-UP & SIGN-OUT

Camp Registration Fee

  • Weekly Rate: $215.00
  • Daily Rate:     $55.00

NOTE: A cancellation will result in an administrative fee of $35.00


Important Camp Information

  • Parents will need to sign a liability release waiver and medical form for their child by the first day of camp.
  • All children must be signed in and out each day.
  • Skaters will be supervised by TBSA camp coaches & counselors during camp time only.
  • Skaters need to bring:  bottled water, tennis shoes and a yoga mat/towel.

Camp Class Descriptions

Synchronized Skating: This is a group of 8-16 skaters. The team will be judged on 5-7 required elements including a circle, wheel, block, intersection, and a line.  Emphasis is placed on unison between all skaters, edges, power, straight lines and expression.

Production: This team event is for groups of 8 or more skaters. Team will be judged on the performance value of the program.  There are no required maneuvers and no technical score for this event.  The group should use music along with elaborate costumes and props to enhance the theme while creating an entertaining performance.  Skaters from all levels can participate in this event.

Ensemble:  Ensembles are groups of 3 – 7 skaters.  The judging criteria is identical to production.

Kaleidoskate:   A group of 8 or more skaters who perform a fun and entertaining group number.  Minimal skating skills are required for this event.  Each skater represents a piece of color – and those color pieces are used to choreograph and create constantly changing patterns, designs and formations on the ice.  Creativity, use of color and props are also an important part of the overall “design”

Jump & Spin teams:  A Compulsory maneuver event where two skaters perform one jump and one spin from their ISI test level.  There is no music and very limited choreography involved.  A fun way to earn points for the team!

“Six packs”  A group of  6 skaters performs a program to music that includes all of the elements of a freestyle program.